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The Culinary Knowledge

"Made in France"

   Through a lot of teamwork and technique, Sébastien and François aim for a modern version of refined classic french cuisine tinted with japanese influences, to enhance and reveal the delicate flavors of each product they work with.

Constantly seeking for perfection, La French Touch offers a taste of french excellence, leaving no details alone.

   Cradled in the refined world of the French high gastronomy, lapped at the service of the greatest public figures and politicians from all the world, “La French Touch” offer you his unique French culinary expertise to assist you in any of your wishes.

All you have to do is to contact us.

Then, relax, we take care of you.

Who are we ?

François Audrin et Sébastien Martin, Fondateurs de La French Touch Tokyo

     Both born in French Brittany, it is in 2009 in Tokyo that chefs Sébastien Martin and François Audrin finally meet each others. Freshly off the M.Y Christina Onassis , François was seeking help to set his quarters in Japan and Sebastien offered to help though his connections as a chef for the Residence of the French Ambassador in Japan. 


     From that, a friendship and most importantly,  a collaboration were born.

Together, they created the International Embassy Chefs Union in Japan and worked alongside each other for 7 years before creating their own company, La French Touch, in 2017.


      Sebastien and François share exceptional professional experiences in some of the most renowned restaurants in France and abroad. Before taking the lead of the Residence of the French Ambassador in Japan kitchen in 2005, Sebastien worked at “Ladurée”, in Italy (G. Marchesi) **, “L’atelier of Joel Robuchon in Tokyo **, and the Stella Maris (Tateru Yoshino) **, as François, known today as the former chef of the Ambassador of the European Commission in Tokyo was once in charge of the  Yatch “Christina Onassis” kitchen, when he was only 24 years old and worked at “The Chabichou” ** in Courchevel, France, "The waterside inn" *** in London and "Don Alphonso" ** in Italy.



Our Services

Tailor's made catering service

"La French Touch" offer unique events.

Private fine dining with friends or excessive reception for VIP’s. Simple and sumptuous. We will propose you a personalized offer in adequacy with your need.

Our creed, perfection for your satisfaction.



We trust each others
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